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8 November, 2023|Extensions., Help Center|

Do you need to improve the tracking of your trials and increase the accuracy in result analysis? This feature will help you achieve it by digitizing the entire process of [...]

Environmental Sustainability

6 November, 2023|Extensions., Help Center|

The index called "Environmental Sustainability" allows you to measure and compare different practices in different fields that generate a positive environmental impact on the crop. The values of this index [...]

Weather forecast by Aphelion

19 October, 2023|Extensions., Help Center|

Weather data is essential for decision-making in agricultural productions. Updated meteorological information guides production processes, reducing losses, and achieving optimal crop development. The Aphelion extension in Auravant offers highly accurate [...]

John Deere Operations Center + Auravant

12 October, 2023|Extensions.|

The integration between Auravant and John Deere Operations Center provides producers the ability to analyze, edit, and make collaborative decisions to achieve higher yields and reduce input costs by synchronizing [...]


17 July, 2023|Extensions., Help Center|

Identifying spatial variability based on the combination of other images from the field is of utmost importance when generating a prescription, new soil fertility maps, or projecting yield through NDVI, [...]

Case IH + Auravant

24 May, 2023|Extensions., Help Center|

The integration between Auravant and Case IH provides essential information to producers for more efficient decision-making, reducing input costs, and achieving higher yields. By synchronizing your Auravant account with Case [...]

Biome4all + Auravant

14 January, 2023|Extensions.|

Knowing and analyzing soil genetic information is essential for planning a more efficient campaign, reducing losses and achieving optimal crop development.Biome4all is a soil genetic analysis company, which, through bioinformatics, [...]