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For beginners in precision agriculture




  • View NDVI and 4 other types of vegetation indexes (current and historical)
  • 🇪🇸 SIGPAC (you can even bulk import your fields)
  • Receive anomaly alerts
  • Track activities
  • Create work orders
  • Import layers (yield maps, seeding, fertilization, nutrients, etc.)

Auravant for Individuals

👤 For individuals who make strategic decisions and maximize productive efficiency.

  • Precision Farming
  • Georeferenced sampling and maps
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Sensors
  • Standard support

Auravant for Business

👥 For teams and projects that need to analyze, collaborate and customize workflows from the office to the field.

  • All the features of Auravant for Individuals, with key tools to manage your company:
  • User, role and permissions management.
  • Analytics on aggregated data
  • Manage hectares and extensions
  • Define work templates
  • Technical support
  • Customize interface and applications

Auravant for Companies

Customize Auravant to suit your business

Take advantage of all the power of Auravant, to build your own customized workspace on our platform.

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Frequently asked questions

We accept payments with credit/debit cards. If you are interested in paying the subscription by bank transfer, contact us at

At Auravant, we encourage you to get the maximum potential out of our platform. Therefore, as a Premium user, we grant you initial training in the platform’s features and personalized support to clear all your doubts. For more information, contact us at
To get the most out of our platform, we recommend monitoring your field for at least 1 complete season, which normally lasts 1 year. Therefore, our plans are annual subscriptions.
Yes. The calculated tax depends on the country where the service is billed (it is added to the plan´s price). For more information, contact us at
Yes, contact us or chat with us on the platform to help you.
Of course! Contact us at for a personalized proposal.
Yes, all university students and professors with an email from an academic institution have access to a free Auravant account of up to 100ha. Contact us at to request this benefit.
Yes. Every Workspace user can have a personal account with free or premium plan access. For more information, contact us at