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Institutional information

At Auravant we are convinced that a sustainable and efficient agriculture is possible, granting higher food productivity levers, through the use of digital technologies.

With that in mind, we developed an easy-to-use SaaS tool that potentiates agronomic knowledge, democratizing access to Precision Agriculture. We partner with agronomic institutions and investigators to incorporate the best agronomic models into our platform, making it available to everyone, everywhere.

Auravant is a SaaS platform with web and mobile versions, which allows to perform remote crop monitoring through aerial imagery (satellite, UAVs and planes); and to integrate any geo-referenced data layer to perform analysis, field zoning and variable-rate input prescriptions to apply the optimal dose in every square meter of the field. It also allows for field surveys, taking pictures and notes; and to generate reports and work orders.

Regarding third-party partnerships

Auravant has collaborations agreements with important institutions of the agricultural sector, such as INTA, AAPPCE and UBA. One of the latest is the one with LART, the Laboratory of Regional Analysis and Teledetection of the University of Buenos Aires; through which our platform will help to make a more efficient management of pastures for cattle.  

Auravant has partnered with Caburé, a company expert in weather information.

Global footprint

With offices in Spain and Argentina, Auravant has achieved a global footprint. The company, which was founded in Argentina in 2017, is now chosen by people in more than 30 countries, and has customers in 11 of them. Auravant main customers are in Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Want to interview us?

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    Want to interview us?

    To communicate with Press, leave us your message here or write to