Digitizing your field

and taking it to the agriculture of the future

Auravant helps to unify data and transform it into information, registration and process management.

More Efficiency
Less time

Maximizing productivity

and optimizing the use of inputs

With Auravant it is possible to apply the optimal dose of water, fertilizer, seeds, phytosanitary products in a SIMPLE way!

income and sustainability

Use the extensions

A platform

to manage it all

Customize Auravant according to your business model, crop or project to solve specific problems or processes. You can even develop your own extension!

Unify procedures



Data privacy

As the owner of your information, you have the right to privacy. With Auravant, you control what is shared and with whom, ensuring transparency. We prioritize protecting your privacy and maintaining your control over information.

Juliana Cavanagh

How we use Auravant

“We use Auravant to guarantee the traceability of our crop, Carinata, under RSB certification. We highlight the accompaniment and support of the team in every step of the process.”

Juliana Cavanagh
Carinata Assistant at Nuseed

Ing. Agr. Diego Vercellino

Auravant was the change

“With the use of Auravant and working in pastures by environment, in Pratum we embarked on a one-way path to the digitization of the fields. We have achieved an important advance in the environmental and economic sustainability of the producer, by improving efficiency in the use of resources.”

Agronomist Diego Vercellino
Director at Pratum

Fernando Artillo Guimerá

With Auravant we are more efficient

“One of the functionalities that brings us the most value are the satellite images, since they allow us to detect anomalies in the crops and schedule more efficient field visits, knowing at any time which fields we have to go to visit and which ones we have already visited.”

Fernando Artillo Guimerá
Technician and agro-technology advisor
Tepro Consultores Agrícolas

Nidera semillas
Timac Agro
la bragadense

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