Our culture

One of the things that matters most to us at Auravant is our culture
, which we understand as the sustained practice of a set of shared values that we have built together as a team

From day one at Auravant, we wanted to be clear about the values that would define us and work to strengthen them. Throughout our history, we have adjusted their definition to reflect the growth we’ve experienced as an organization. Today, we summarize them in these five statements:

We do our best for the people

At Auravant, we are aware that people are at the center of everything we do. Whether they are Auravanters, users, customers, suppliers, or partners, we care about their well-being above all.

We love working as a team. We have fun combining humor with respect. We treat each other well and are empathetic towards one another. We celebrate each other’s achievements as our own. We avoid heavy jokes and discomfort. We value diversity and prefer to be together.

We do everything within our reach to amaze our customers and create that “thank you for existing” effect that nourishes and motivates us to continue. We listen to them and seek the best solution with the resources we have.

We seek difficult challenges and take responsibility

Auravanters are courageous and ambitious. We challenge the status quo and confront our fears by taking calculated risks. We seek difficult challenges but are not reckless.

We take responsibility, do not make excuses, and do not pass the blame to others. When we make a mistake, we are the first to admit it. We do not complain; We ask for the ball.

We prioritize long-term results over short-term gains

We know that what is valuable often comes at a cost, which is why we do things to make them last over time. We care for relationships, the environment, and contribute to the development of the societies where we operate. Often, we sacrifice short-term benefits in favor of the long-term. We pursue balanced positions.

We do what we say, even when no one is watching us. We are honest and reject corruption in all its forms. We value fair play and being upfront.

We innovate to change the world

We seek to understand how things work and question them to make improvements. We are curious and humble. We often say, “I don’t know.” We strive for continuous improvement and embrace errors as part of the learning process.

We are tenacious and do not procrastinate

When we identify an area for improvement, we roll up our sleeves and push it with all our energy. We focus on what’s important and do not procrastinate. Our spirit is strong, and we are consistent in developing good habits. We have a high commitment to our work and the company.

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