Access your information

from anywhere

Access your fields’s relevant information from your computer in your desk or in the middle of the field with your mobile or tablet.

  • Offline images
  • Monitoring
  • Maps
  • Historical field info


business monitoring and management

Control all the activities and labours that are carried out in the field. Export summaries and reports for a more efficient business management and for audits purposes (PAC, certifications, etc.).

  • Activities and labours monitoring
  • People Management
  • Machine management
  • Inputs tecnical data sheet
  • Digital Field Notebook

Do not waste more time

out of the field

Simplify operational and economic business management with all the information in one single place.

  • Work orders
  • Stocks and silos
  • Campaign planning
  • Relevant business information

Control all variables

that affect your crops

Identify all variables that affect your crops and make decisions to increase production efficiency and guarantee sustainability.

  • Satellite images
  • Yield maps
  • Soil maps
  • Rains forecast and record
  • Soil sensors and weather stations

Unify information channels

Exchange observations and assign tasks to your team members. Assign roles and permissions according to hierarchy.

  • Team administration and supervision
  • Chat and communication channels
  • Share data between companies/administrations
  • Notifications and alerts