Knowing and analyzing soil genetic information is essential for planning a more efficient campaign, reducing losses and achieving optimal crop development.

Biome4all is a soil genetic analysis company, which, through bioinformatics, data science (DB) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, develops technologies for the study and interpretation of genetic data, transforming them into valuable information that helps agribusiness professionals in making more efficient decisions.

What will you be able to access with the new Biome4all extension in Auravant?

1- Fields drawn in Biome4all

2- Layers of:

  • Pest protection

  • Hormone production

  • Stress adaptation

  • Carbon

  • Phosphorus

  • Nitrogen

  • Potassium

  • Shannon Index

3- Guide to biological features

This extension allows to obtain new layers of information about the soil in order to evaluate, correct and improve future zonings.

Inside the guide you will find the explanatory texts of the different biological functions of the soil microbiota and the scoring system used.