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Weather Images

14 January, 2023|Extensions.|

Water is one of the most important variables for farming. Knowing when and how it will reach the field is essential when planning tasks in a more efficient way, reducing [...]


14 January, 2023|Extensions.|

Knowing the soil, weather or disease information can be key in an agricultural season. This is why Auravant added the Sensors tool, which allows a temporal analysis of variables such [...]

Soil information

14 January, 2023|Extensions.|

Soil information is essential when planning an efficient campaign, reducing losses, and achieving optimal crop development.The soil Information extension provides soil data through different maps according to the selected field. [...]


14 January, 2023|Extensions.|

You can customize Auravant by adding extensions from the Extensions marketplaceExtensions are add-ons or plugins that are installed on Auravant in order to customize the platform to a specific type [...]