Water is one of the most important variables for farming. Knowing when and how it will reach the field is essential when planning tasks in a more efficient way, reducing losses and achieving optimal crop development.

The Weather Images extension provides satellite and radar imagery from the Rainviewer source to detect and track weather phenomena such as rainfall intensity, hail and snowstorms.

These images provide valuable data to farmers, helping them to relate it to their crops and facilitating decision making, such as advancing or delaying sowing, application or harvesting.

How to use the Weather Images extension with Auravant:

  1. Select Weather Images in weather module.

  2. Once there, in the upper left margin you must select which type of images you prefer: radar or satellite.

  3. In case you choose radar images, in the “settings” section you have different options to customize your information. For example: color scheme – snow – soften image.