Knowing the soil, weather or disease information can be key in an agricultural season. This is why Auravant added the Sensors tool, which allows a temporal analysis of variables such as soil moisture at different levels, temperature and evapotranspiration and, in turn, generate alarms when any of the data exceeds an established threshold.

Based on the information gathered by the sensors and the subsequent analysis on the platform, it is possible to improve irrigation administration, predict the appearance of diseases and pests and the presence of abiotic phenomena that may affect the normal development of crops remotely.

Steps to follow to synchronize your sensor with Auravant:

  1. Enter the “Extensions” section and install the extension to synchronize your sensor in the Marketplace. Among the available options you will find:
    a) Metos

  2. Go to the “Sensors” section, where you will be able to visualize your IoT device.

  3. Select the desired one and access all the information.