You can customize Auravant by adding extensions from the Extensions marketplace

Extensions are add-ons or plugins that are installed on Auravant in order to customize the platform to a specific type of requirement or process. They are installed on the platform, coexisting with the rest of the platform’s features.

They can be classified into different types:

  1. Integrations: sync accounts within platforms, such as machinery, ERPs, weather stations, etc.

  2. Agronomic models: generate maps and recommendations adapted to zonal/local models for different types of crops (Nitrogen recommendation, water needs, etc).

  3. Products and services: promote solutions offered companies, laboratories, crop diagnosis, monitoring.

  4. Regulations and certification processes: complete additional information on crop management in order to comply with a protocol or contract.

How to install an extension?

  1. Open My Extensions

  2. Select an extensions and click on the “Install extensions” button

  3. Pin to side menu to appear as a new feature

  4. Done! Enjoy your new extension