Carrying out efficient and productive grazing planning and management is crucial for sustainable production and to avoid economic losses resulting from errors such as overgrazing. A well-designed plan defines grazing circuits based on pasture growth rates, which vary according to the forage species, climate, and time of year.

With Auravant’s livestock module, you’ll be able to monitor your pastures through satellite images, record your herds, create paddocks in your fields, and plan grazing circuits in an organized and simple manner. This way, you’ll gain greater control and traceability regarding grazing management, occupation quantification, and rest periods.

What can you do with this new feature?       

  • Plan your grazing circuits.
  • Register herds according to your planning and monitor their productivity.
  • Identify the state of your pastures through satellite images.
  • Visualize and record entries and exits in a livestock spreadsheet.
  • Access a dashboard with all information related to plot occupation and rest times.
  • Download all recorded information in Excel format.

Here’s how to use the Livestock Module in Auravant:

Within the livestock module, you have the option to perform 4 activities:

Parcel or divide your fields into smaller paddocks:

1) To create paddocks within your fields, click on the “Create paddock” button.

2) Once the button is selected, draw your paddocks in your field and name them

Add Herd:

1) To register a herd, select the “Add Herd” button.

2) Complete all general information about your herd

  • Category
  • Number of animals 
  • Entry field
  • Starting paddock
  • Date
  • Initial weight (kg)
  • Herd name 

3) Once the information is completed, you can view a summary of your herds in list format with all the details recorded.

Switch Paddock

1) To record a plot change, select the “Switch Paddock” button.

2) Select the herd for which to make the transfer and assign the destination field and paddock.

3) Lastly, define the number of animals to transfer and the desired final weight.

Livestock exit

1) To record livestock exit, select the “Livestock Exit” button.

2) Complete all general information about your herd:

  • Herd name
  • Category
  • Number of animals
  • Exit date
  • Destination
  • Average weight
  • Notes

3) Once the data is completed, click on the “Finish Loading” button.

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