The Planning feature allows the loading of data with its respective economic analysis to facilitate decision-making in the field management.

This article will help you:

  • Understand the various steps necessary to obtain the gross margin of your crop.
  • Build an economic analysis of the costs associated with your cycle.
  • Interpret the expected yield and take into account yield and price deviations.

With this tool, several tasks can be carried out like revenue weighting, field record-keeping and costs, gross margin calculation and duplication and/or assignment of each plan

☝🏼NOTE: The feature Planning is only available to users of our Management, Professional, Professional Full y Professional Gold plans.

Cómo usar “Planificación” en Auravant:

How to use Planning in Auravant

  1. Enter to Field Registration and select the Planning tab

  2. Complete the required data ( Name, crop cycle, currency, etc)

  3. Enter to Performance fill in the values ​​and click Save. You can also set a Deviation margin.

  4. Once the values ​​are saved, you will be able to access the Revenue Weighting calculations, which allow you to have a quick view of the revenue that could be obtained in the campaign considering deviations in performance and prices.

  5. For an accurate calculation, field records and costs can be added by clicking on labor.

  6. Fill in the details of each activity to have a record of the total amount of inputs used and the associated costs. Click Save.

  7. Back on the general dashboard, click on Costs and add other associated costs such as “Rent”, “Marketing” or “Insurance”. Finally, click Save.

  8. In the General Dashboard you will be able to see the total Gross Margin and save the Planning.

By opening each tab you can see Planning tasks chronologically, and by selecting each one you can see more details