Keeping a record of all activities carried out in the farm is crucial to know in detail the different practices that impact production. For this reason, Auravant created the feature “Other labors”, which allows the integration of different activities, both for intensive and extensive crops.

How to use the “Other labors” feature in “Farm Record”?

1) Activities:

To create a labor record, you will need to select a new “Activity”.

Once there, you will have to click on the “Other labors” button and fill in the different characteristics of the selected labor.

What does it include?

  • Date of labor

  • Actual area

  • Type of labor (Example: thinning, pruning, sampling, transplanting, plowing, etc).

  • Inputs

  • Cost

  • Application or workforce

  • Materials

  • Resources

  • Attachments

  • Comments

The uploaded activities can be viewed from the activity timeline in order to have a quick view of the characteristics of the new labor.

2) Work Orders:

Labors may perform “Work Orders” to ease the process of executing tasks:

Once the labor is entered, you have to enter the name of the order, date, and if necessary, notes for the operator who will perform the task:

They may be viewed or downloaded in PDF or Excel format.

3) Planning:

In the planning feature we will also be able to load “Other Labors” and identify their potential costs and assign what is planned to several fields.

4) Reporting:

The data loaded in “Other labors” can be visualized and downloaded to be sent to other people in the form of a report.