When we want to register inputs applications it is important to know the characteristics of the product that we are about to apply in our field in order to have a detailed follow-up of the products that we used with their corresponding properties.

From Auravant we promote good agricultural practices, this is why we provide information on the inputs authorized by entities such as SENASA in Argentina or MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) in Spain, to have a greater knowledge of the products that are applied in the field.

  • Display of the drop down list:

    Attributes of the recorded inputs:

  • These inputs that are authorized will present the following symbol:

  • The types of registered products are observed with their initial letter:

  • The products presentations are, according to the international code (FAO), the following:

  • Optional data to be completed:

  • How do I create a product? What happens if I don’t find an input?

    The answer is very simple, the platform allows you to create and save your own input so you can register everything you apply in your field.

These new inputs will be stored in the platform database so you can use them again another time.

In this short video we will show how to register an input in your field: