When creating a zoning, you can select a specific area and get processed information about it.

What information will you get?

  • Area surface

  • Minimum and maximum values found in that layer’s field zone

  • Average value of the chosen field zone

In case you have chosen a layer containing units with measurements in m2 or ha (e.g., Yield: Tn/ha) the total of the polygon/field zone will appear in the data.

This feature allows you to evaluate the data by polygon and/or field zones in order to evaluate, correct and improve future settings.

Steps to follow to use the tool:

1- Go to the “Zonings” tool and create your setting from different layers of information (NDVI, GNDVI, yield map, etc.).

2- In the detail of your zoning, click on the “Overlay with layers” button. There you will also see a bar to move the transparency of the chosen layer.

3- Select the area of the field zone you want to obtain information about. A square will open with the processed information regarding the selected field zone.