The Trimble monitors CFX 750, FMX 1000, TMX-2050, and EZ Guide 500 support prescriptions in Shapefile format exactly as they are exported from Auravant.

The fertilizer dosage in both monitors should be in Kg/ha or l/ha depending on the type of fertilizer, and the seeding dosage should come from Auravant in thousands of seeds/ha. For example, if the dosage is 60,000 seeds/ha, it needs to be prescribed as “60” in Auravant. There is a conversion factor available to change the input units.

Moreover, to ensure the monitor properly accepts the file, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. For the machine to read it, the files comprising the Shapefiles (.shp) must be on a USB drive within two folders:
  2. The first folder should be named: AgGPS (maintaining capitalization).
  3. Within that folder, another folder should be created named: Prescriptions.
  4. Inside the Prescriptions folder, the maps should be loose, meaning the three files comprising these shapefiles must be loose within the Prescriptions folder and should bear the same name. For instance: lot1.shp – lot1.shx – lot1.dbf.

Only after following these steps, the machine recognizes the map, and it can be transferred to the monitor for proper acceptance.

Response Map

The CFX, TMX, EZ-Guide 500, FMX lines store the response map in shape format. This will be found within the AgGPS structure, inside a folder named DATA. Each of the feilds appears as Coverage.shp.

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