In our mission towards the digitization of productive processes, we take pride in accompanying Corteva in a significant milestone. In collaboration with Corteva Brazil, we have set a new standard in the latest harvest, redefining the course of corn production through digital solutions.

Utilizing satellite imagery and data survey tools provided by Auravant, they successfully monitored the use of biological products in over 48 corn fields. Half of them received the application of a foliar biological nitrogen fixer, while the other half benefited from a phosphorus solubilizer.

The result was compelling: a notable increase of 7.5 quintals per hectare in productivity compared to crops that did not receive the biological products.

This collaboration allowed us to precisely measure the value of Corteva’s ecological products, providing real evidence of the significant increase in productivity. An alliance that not only positively impacts agriculture but also drives innovation and sustainable production.

We are excited to continue driving these advancements, working hand in hand with industry-leading companies to transform the way we produce, moving towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly future.