After selecting the layers it is possible to select a zoning method. The options available to define the zones are:

Manual method

With the manual zoning method, layers will be normalized (adjusted to a common scale) and then do an additive union. In turn, each layer will be weighted based on the adjustment factor assigned to it. Finally, to those layers that correspond to NDVI and GNDVI, a correction is applied to increase the variability of the NDVI useful area (0.3-1) compared to areas that are not relevant.

The zones will be grouped in a first instance by equal intervals that can later be editable according to the user.

Automatic method

In the automatic method, a clustering algorithm is used that uses machine learning called k-means in which the N pixels are automatically grouped into clusters or groups based on their affinity. Within this option, the variable to edit or adjust are the “clusters” or zones within which the N pixels will be grouped.