A prescription is a map with a calculation of the doses to be applied per specific site in the field. The objective of using a prescription is the variable application of inputs in order to maximize production and minimize costs.

Prescriptions can be used for variable application of herbicides, fertilizer and seeds, among other inputs.

Variable Fertilizer Application

The interest lies in applying fertilizer in quantities that can be fully used, so that we can be efficient not only on an economic level, but also on a productive level. The reason for this is that there would be a saving in fertilizer in the areas of low potential yield without decreasing the yield that was already low, and to transfer it to the areas with greater potential which can increase production by taking advantage of the nutrients correctly. In many cases it is recommended to use an N-rich strip to compare with the rest of the field at the time of application.

Variable Sowing

The data collected through the different layers of information such as yield maps of previous crops, topographical maps, satellite images, etc. allow us to delimit sites, within a field, with very different yield potential. After identifying and characterizing these field zones, it is possible to apply inputs (seeds) in a variable way. These changes in density can be achieved since there are currently technologies that allow these changes to be made in real time following agronomic prescriptions previously loaded on the application machine. With this technology it is possible to adjust the best hybrid, variety, sowing density and spacing between rows according to a specific site.

Selective application of herbicides

The selective application of herbicides depends on the degree of “weediness” of a crop. It is recommended that a prescription be used to make a product application when weeds have not reached levels where full coverage is needed. With this methodology, up to 60% of herbicides would be saved, lowering costs and reducing environmental impact. It is enough to choose a recent image where those weeds are well detected and choose how much product to apply in each segment of the field.