At Auravant, we facilitate a collaborative work environment by enabling easy and reliable information sharing. Users can share farms and fields, allowing others to view and manage the information according to the permissions granted by the original user.

There are different levels of permissions:

  • Reading: This is ideal for a user who needs to access Auravant to see the ongoing work. They cannot delete or add any information. This permission is often assigned to field owners, producers, or upper management in companies.
  • Appended: This permission is perfect for users who enter the farm or fields to perform specific tasks, such as labor or applications. They have read permissions and can add or supplement information, but cannot delete any existing values. This profile is typically assigned to contractors.
  • Edit: This permission is ideal for collaborators. They have read permissions, can add data, and delete information but cannot draw, edit, or delete fields. This permission is suited for those who assist with advising and field inspections.
  • Admin: This permission grants full control over the farm or field. Users with admin permissions, in addition to having edit capabilities, can draw or delete lots and share them with other users, even if they are not the original owners of the field.

It is important to clarify that both the original user and the recipient of the shared information will be able to use the features enabled in their plans, regardless of the permission level with which the farmor field has been shared.

For example: Facundo is an agricultural advisor with a professional full plan, as part of his job involves creating zonings and variable prescriptions, functionalities enabled in the full professional plan. Facundo works with Agustín, who has a management plan because his role involves data entry. Since they work collaboratively, Facundo shares the farms created in his account with Agustín so he can perform his tasks. Although Facundo is the owner of the shared farms, Agustín cannot use the features enabled for the professional full plan. For instance, Agustín will never be able to create a zoning in either his farm or Facundo’s farms, to do so, he would need to upgrade to a plan that includes zoning creation.

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