To activate the high-definition service, the farms or fields must have been created on the platform previously.

You will also have to inform the support or sales team of the package you require and on what farms/fields you wish to view those images.

Among the additional options available you can choose from:

  • 10 ha package

  • 25 ha package

  • 40 ha package

  • 100 ha package

  • 200 ha package

How long will I be able to view the HD images of my fields?

The contract of the package is for a year (365 days) and you can use it in as many fields as you want (the minimum should be 1 Ha) during this period. You can take on more packages if you´ve exceeded the available quota.

What happens if I remove a field that contains high-definition images?

Once you’ve erased a field in Auravant, all the information associated with it is also removed. This means that the images will no longer be available, and the platform stops processing and downloading data from that area. We therefore recommend activating this service on those plots where we are sure the geometry and borders are correct.