In the image selector of the platform, it is possible to visualize the total amount of available images as well as to filter those that are not of agronomic interest due to the presence of cloudiness.

To do this, you can activate or deactivate the presence of images with cloudiness by clicking on the button located on the layer selector.

No cloud filter enabled:

Cloud filter enabled:

It is important to point out that when you have the filter off, you will notice as a reference that the date with cloudiness presents a white color below it.

What are the parameters used as a reference to detect the presence of clouds?

The criterion to define if an image presents clouds or not (and to associate a white color to the date) is that at least 10% of the pixels presents cloudiness. Anyway, although this method helps to quickly filter out valuable images from those that may be contaminated, we recommend validation and control over them to avoid false positive cases as much as possible.

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