The Workspace Administrator can edit the workspace settings; for example, invite or remove users, configure campaign visibility, manage sampling templates, among other things.

These sampling templates are used to establish field visit protocols for the users in your workspace with fully customized forms tailored to the needs of each company.

In this article, we will explain how to create a sampling template for your users.

1) Go to the general menu of Auravant and click on the “Manage Workspace” button.


2) This is where the entire workspace is managed, and where you can, for example, create a new sampling template.

3) To do this, click on the “New template” button, enter the analyses to be included in the sampling, and the variables for each of them (soil, weeds, insects, yield, etc.).

4) Within each variable, by clicking on the gear icon, you will have the ability to configure the variable as follows:

  • Numeric values with a minimum and maximum.
  • List.

List: The administrator can either load a pre-existing list or generate a new one.

The list is very useful because it allows users to select from various options. For example, if you set the variable as “damage by pests,” the options could include: None – Low – Medium – High.

5) Once the template is configured, when users access the sampling tool and select the type of analysis, they will only have the templates predefined by the administrator available.

When clicking on the variables, if it is a numeric value, the minimum and maximum values will be displayed below; and if it is a list, the options defined by the administrator will appear.”