In Auravant, we understand that each campaign is different from the other, and the management decisions for each field vary from year to year.

That’s why now you can modify the geometries of the fields by campaign, saving the information generated in previous campaigns without losing it and being able to return to it as many times as you want.

Follow the step-by-step guide below and learn how to edit the shape of a field/parcel on your farm:

1- Select a field/parcel, go to the bottom context menu, and click on the “Edit Field/Parcel” button.

2) There you can modify the name of the field/parcel and its shape. To modify its geometry, click on “edit shape” and select the campaign in which you want that edit to take place.

3) By selecting the campaign, you can now edit the shape/geometry of the field/parcel polygon by either uploading a new polygon file in shapefile, KML, or KMZ format, or drawing it.

4) Click on “Save” and you’re done, edited polygon!

IMPORTANT: The shape of the field will change from the selected campaign onwards. This means that in previous campaigns, the original shape will persist.

If you accidentally deleted a field/parcel, write to detailing which field/parcel you deleted and in which field/farm so that we can assist you.

Watch the following video and learn how to edit a field/parcel in Auravant