The basic images included in the platform are taken by Sentinel 2 satellites, which after being processed and filtered are made available every 3 to 5 days under normal conditions.

However, although the frequency has improved over time, the climatic factor (especially cloud cover) influences image availability. If it rained heavily or was cloudy in a recent period, quality images may not be available for up to 20 days.

In turn, there are tropical regions where the presence of clouds during certain seasons is constant, so their availability may be even more affected. That is why Auravant has other sources of images with different frequency and resolution. In this way, image captures can be used at specific times, such as the crop’s critical period. This is extremely important in features like setting and prescriptions.

Cloudy images

Although the images used by our platform undergo atmospheric correction processing and cloud detection, in some cases the latter may not be detected. So, it is always convenient to review the “visible” image to confirm that the information we are looking at is relevant.

Do you want to learn how to filter images with the cloud? we invite you to read the article by clicking here.

Why are dates missing in some months?

The reason is that some images do not capture the entire field and are cut off somewhere, so they do not present any data. We call these “partial images” and in order to prevent interpretation and analysis problems, we avoid displaying them on the platform.