From a satellite image or layer of information generated in the platform you will be able to measure a specific area of your field and obtain processed information about it.

What information will you get?

  • Surface area

  • Minimum and maximum values found in the previously selected layer.

  • Average value of the selected layer

This feature allows the evaluation of data per polygon to check, correct and improve future zonings and/or to compare differences between different crop varieties planted in the same field.

In case you have chosen a layer containing units with measurements in m2 or ha (e.g., Yield: Tn/ha) the total of the polygon/zonings will appear in the data.

Steps to follow to use the tool:

1- Select a field and choose an information layer (NDVI, GNDVI, yield map, etc.).

2- Click on the ruler symbol in the lower left margin and select the “Measure area” option.

3- Draw the area on the field you want to obtain information about.

4- A table showing the processed information about the drawn area will open.

*In case you have a premium plan, you will have the option to generate a geolocalized marker on the drawn area, where you can save the information obtained and take it to the farm.