It is very common that during visits to farms and fields we find problems with internet connection.

That is why the auravant mobile app allows to register data of treatments, sowings, adversity monitoring and even zoning maps while offline.

For example, in order to download a zoning map, it is necessary to select it from My Maps section and click on Download Map.

In this way, in case you need NDVI images, yield maps or zonings/prescriptions it is possible to download them beforehand in order to have the information in the field.

But if the case were the opposite, it is also possible to save the information in the season register and in the management zones and then, once we have connection, it will be synchronized to the web platform.

For the latter to happen, it is necessary to use the “Synchronize” option available in the app’s user menu. This way, it is possible to make sure that the data loaded in the app also appears in the web, being able then to generate reports, download information, prescriptions, application orders, etc.