One of the features of the histogram is the possibility of estimating yields. Remember that with the histogram you can quickly display a graph of the fields based on their NDVI (indicator of vegetation vigor). This allows you to easily relate the values and areas, generating zones regarding the information processed. The zones of interest present little internal variability and high differentiation with other regions, highlighting particular characteristics. That is why the histogram can be used as an isoproductivity map to estimate the yield to be obtained in the current season.

To do so, the following steps must be followed:

1- Use an image of the critical period of the crop.

2- Divide the image into as many isoproductivity zones as desired.

3- Choose at least three points per zone to take samples in the farm with the help of the mobile App.

4- The yield estimate for each zone is obtained by multiplying the estimated average yield in that zone by the area of the zone.