Working collaboratively allows two or more people to contribute activities and comments, depending on the permissions granted to each one. It is a much more transparent and productive way of working as a team.

At Auravant, we know that fields and lots/parcels are worked with many people, that’s why we implemented a function that allows you to share your lot and/or field.

What can it be used for?

Sharing can be useful, for example, so that the owner of the Field can access Auravant and see all the work that is done on it. Or that a contractor can add information on some application and/or work (eg Harvest Map). Another example may be that an agronomist who works in your team, makes a field trip and can update the data in real time. You can assign different permissions to each one according to the work they do.

To be secure, it is important that each one has different permissions depending on the role.

The permissions on the lots and/or fields can be:

  • Reading: It is ideal for a user to access Auravant to see the work that is being done. You may not remove or add any information. It is the permit that in many cases is assigned to owners of Fields, Producers or Senior Management in Companies.

  • Added: It is the ideal permission for the user who enters the Lot or Field and does specific jobs, such as tasks or applications. It has read permissions and can add or add information. This permission cannot delete any existing values. It is a profile that is usually assigned to Contractors.

  • Edition: It is the ideal permission for collaborators. You have read permissions, you can add data and delete information, but you can’t draw or delete batches. It is the ideal permit for people who collaborate in counseling and field trips.

  • Administration: Assigning permissions is a function of the Field or Lot owner. This facility can be extended by designating an administrator, who, in addition to editing possibilities, has the power to draw or delete batches and share them with other users.

How to share?

  1. Select the field and batch you want to share from the top selector:

  2. Then hover over the lot/parcel name until you see these three dots:

  3. By clicking on the three points, a poster will be displayed with the following information: Share – Edit – Delete – See Sigpac. Select “Share”

    A poster like the following will appear there, indicating who has access in case you have already shared it previously:

  4. Then a window will ask you:
    👉 Mail who you want to share. If it exists on the platform, the shared resource will appear, otherwise, it will be invited to the platform
    👉 What permissions or rights are you giving it.
    👉 What do you share, the Field or the Lot. (The field groups all the batches of the same).

Watch the following video to learn how to share a batch in Auravant

How do I stop sharing a farm and field?

It’s very simple! Select a “Farm and field”, click on “Share” and there you will see who you are sharing it with. Select the “bin” next to the name of the person you no longer want to have access to your batch and the sharing permission will be removed.