Various companies in the agricultural sector, from agrochemicals to machinery suppliers and insurers, are already preparing to break into the platform with these easy-to-develop applications, which bring their products and services to the user community, with all the analytics and service that it provided by the Auravant environment.

Auravant is making steady progress with the implementation of its Extensions.

“The extensions allow, on the user’s side, to generate greater contact: to establish another communication channel and receive feedback . And on the company side, to automate processes and execute them in the same place ”, explained Agustín Michlig, Auravant product manager. “The processes within the platform converge. So, for example, a technician can upload an essay and in turn associate a product. In this way we can link the entire ecosystem ”, he added.

What are Auravant Extensions? They are applications that companies or users can develop and upload to the platform to share with their customers or with the user community, as required and with prior approval from Auravant (as a security measure).

They allow you to interact with the variables of the platform and are the ideal way to create links with other platforms, develop agronomic models using everything that exists in Auravant or develop user workflows.

Therefore, in a very simple way, it is possible to make the following available to clients-users of the platform: product application indications, certification processes, test results by zones, calculation of water stress in crops, information on technical points or product catalogs that provide the first step to online sales and allow us to envision an exclusive marketplace for agriculture, in the not too distant future.

At the starting line

Currently, different companies are making the final adjustments to launch their Auravant Extensions. In some cases, they will be used in their own spaces within Auravant. In others, they will be available to all users, who will only have to download them in the platform's store to start using them.

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