Auravant, a leader in technological solutions for the agri-food sector, announced today a new partnership with Solute, an engineering company that is committed to developing its own weather forecasting systems and making these cutting-edge forecasting systems more accessible to the average farmer.

Under this agreement, Auravant users will be able to access a new high-precision agrometeorological forecasting tool for temperature, relative humidity, and precipitation for the next 5 days. This information will help agricultural producers make better decisions in the field, such as whether to advance or delay a planting, application, or harvest. Aphelion uses data from multiple sources, including satellites, radars, and weather stations, to generate high-resolution weather forecasts.

Weather information is essential for agricultural production. Producers need to know current and future weather conditions in order to plan their activities efficiently and reduce risks. To achieve this, the information is available on a single platform, avoiding data duplication and allowing the information to be analyzed and combined with the rest of the features. The goal is to facilitate data-driven decision-making, avoid economic losses, and achieve greater profitability by producing in a more sustainable way.

This partnership is an important step in promoting digital agriculture, which uses technology to improve production with a view to sustainability.

“We are very excited to integrate with Solute to offer our users high-precision weather information. This partnership is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of our platform,” said Beatriz Royuela Ferres, Alliances Analyst at Auravant.

“This collaboration is a major step forward for SOLUTE and Auravant. We want all farmers, regardless of where they are located or where their farms are located, to be able to access high-quality weather forecasts quickly and easily. I will be the first to try it on my plot to schedule the next sunflower harvest” said Francisco Javier Díaz Guadamillas, Head of the Meteorology Department and young farmer.